Rugged and Trendy The Advent of Leather Bags

With latest fashion trends hitting each corner of the globe, a lot has changed in the way people carry their important accessories to the office. Earlier it used to be huge briefcases that were heavy to carry around due to their making and also gave a dull impression to the onlooker. But nowadays the stylish Italian Leather collection of bags has become a good option or office goers that can carry all the important accessories from a pin to a laptop.

High-quality Luxury Italian Leather accessories are in high demand presently in terms of style as well as the log lasting service they provide. These are much easier to maintain and all one needs to ensure is that they purchase a high quality leather bag. These are also available in a variety of designs and shapes to match the style of each person.

Italian Leather collection caters to the need of a large number of people, mostly office goers as well as college students and are perfect for rough and tough use owing to its flexibility and quality material making. The latest leather bags in the market can be used to carry anything including important documents, laptop

Girls Casual Dresses

Girls always want to gorgeous and trendy. Every year the trend change so as the mind of the girls. Girls always stay up-to-date according to fashion. All the fashionable girls want to wear stylish casual Suits. Girls casual dresses are not just to wear at home you can also wear these stylish dresses for office or sometime parties. Girl’s casual dresses are different all over the world. In Pakistan the casual Suits of girls are shalwar kameez were as in America the girls casual dresses are pant shirts or skirts etc. In every season many designers launched the latest collection of their casual outfits.

Girl’s casual dresses are easily available in the market or now a day’s we have the facility of online shopping. The new collection of girl’s casual dresses changes according to season and countries. Girls all over the world are always conscious about their dressing and over look and casual dress are those dresses which are most commonly used in our daily life. As the world is running for the brands so every season and every year new designers are bringing their collection of casual wear in the market. Casual wear includes pants,

Choose the Right Suppliers for Your Retail Sports Business

As a retail sports business owner, it is essential that you choose your suppliers who not only offer you the best prices, but also the best services. Suppliers has a key role in running of the business, specially a sports one as you get all your supplies from there. But, at the same time, you should have also be careful of the products.

The most fundamental points to consider before ordering your bulk from suppliers include the material from which the shorts are made, the measurements of the shorts, and the features that the sport shorts offer.

Types of shorts you should stack in your store

The first consideration in choosing which pant shorts to buy is determining the sport in which the buyer plans to use the shorts. Many sport pant are specially designed for different athletic pursuits, and matching the right kind of shorts to the sport for which they are intended can enhance both the user’s comfort and performance.

However knowing the customer’s demand you need to know about the different types of pant available in the market to cater to different buyers, such are :

Running Shorts – These are often designed to be relatively short,

How to design a saree at Home

It is not for all time spending a heavy amount to wear designer sarees. You can be your own designer and prepare a stylish saree at home. That will be a double pleasure for you to wear a great saree and designed by you. Wondering! Yes it possible by these tips.

Design Saree border

You can find many saree borders in market in cheap prices or even you can use your grandma’s old saree. Buy a simple cheap plain saree and convert into an awesome piece by using your aesthetic sense of color combination. Add the border to saree border line and you may also decorate the blouse by using this border. You may use embroidered border , velvet border or also stone embedded borders.

Design your saree by embroidery or embellishment

You may use embroidery or embellishment to give a style. Mirror , kundan  or zardosi work can be the best adds-on for your saree.  If you don’t know about embroidery you may purchase patches from market. You may buy a plain silk patch and glue the sequins or mirrors on that to add stylish look.

Use Stylish blouse with plain

Understanding the Best design and cuts for diamond earrings

If you are thinking of purchasing new diamond earrings then there are two most important things that you need to consider, one is the design of that earring and another is the cut of the diamond. Various types of designs and cuts match with different types of looks and outfits. So, you need to spend some time you have to consider the kind of style statement that you want to carry.

There are plenty of diamond earrings are available on the market these days. Like hoops, prong, bezel, etc. These are the latest diamond earrings design that can add grace and glamour to any wearer. These designs are available in a variety of shapes, size, metals (mostly diamond and gold) and mountings. The following section has been created to guide you for diamond earring shopping.

One of the most classic designs in the genre of diamond earrings is Stud Earrings. But if you want to buy or make a Stud Earrings, then please consider the diamond grade at least to be SI2 in clarity and I-J in colour. If you want a dramatic feminine look, then drop earring is suitable for you. Before buying a drop earring, make sure how long

Can we give the novelty Christmas jumper a holiday?

I kind of dread Christmas. I’m sure many people do – the enforced merry-making, the repulsive quantities of egg nog, the stress of shelling out a small fortune for gifts you’d actually quite like to keep for yourself (maybe I’m the only person who does that?). And the sartorial minefield.

I’ll admit, I’m partly to blame for the latter: as a fashion editor, Christmas is the time when you encourage everyone to don the dodgier, showier extremes of the autumn/winter trends. All that lurex at JW Anderson and Christopher Kane? How about those gobstopper-sized sparkles at Prada and Balmain (H&M or otherwise)? Or maybe one of the Ziggy Stardust catsuits from Raf Simons’ penultimate Dior ready-to-wear show? You can probably snap some of it up in the sale already, so it’s not a profligate purchase (or at least, the price doesn’t make you wince as hard as it once did). And, personally, I think lurex is for life, not just for Christmas. I habitually sport Prada’s 2011 cashmere-mix version of the stuff for every day.

However, I hold no truck with the holidays’ garment of choice: the Christmas jumper. Invented by someone with no taste, apparently knitted by someone with no arms

The best beauty gift sets

Every year there’s a smug collective of super-humanly organised people who relish telling people that they have finished their Christmas shopping. If you’re one of those for whom the space under the tree still looks decidedly bare, there is, fortunately, still plenty of time. That however, won’t help solve the problem of exactly what to invest in. The pressure to pick the perfect present is on; Harvey Nichols summed up the issue with its witty “Avoid Gift Face” campaign in which present recipients are forced to put on Oscar-worthy smiles to avoid giving away their disappointment.

One way you can’t go wrong is with beauty products. It’s no coincidence that the UK beauty industry is estimated to be worth around £17bn. From anti-wrinkle eye cream to fake tan, we as a nation are obsessed with personal care.

A beauty gift set has several advantages; firstly value for money, often offering groupings of products at a saving in cost and second there’s the packaging which will more than likely beat any home-wrapping attempts.

If budget is on your side, coming high on most wish lists is just about anything that comes in the famous yellow and black boxes by fragrance house Jo Malone.

The brand

alternatives to the traditional tie this festive season

The choice of men’s neckwear has traditionally been narrow: literally and figuratively. You have the straight and narrow of the traditional tie: in myriad colours, sure, but little design differentiation other than that. Then, the bow tie – staidly elegant for evening, self-consciously eccentric for day, never acceptable in the bright hues and garish patterns so often sported. The cravat is a no-go outside of a period drama or a Home Counties wedding.

No wonder many men have eschewed neckwear entirely for the open-necked shirt with even the most formal of attire – French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy leaps to mind. You have Tom Ford and his permanently prominent triangle of chest-hair from 1995-2004 to thank for that enduring touch of deshabille.

So those are the choices: to tie, or not to tie. This season, designers are proposing something entirely different. Oddly enough, it came from Ford’s old stomping-ground, the Italian label Gucci, where new blood Alessandro Michele opted for androgyny over the hypersexual in his unofficial first show, for autumn/winter, back in January. In layman’s terms, he buttoned up those Gucci shirts. But instead of knotting a tie tightly at the top, he opted for all manner of alternatives: a flower clasping

the best maxi dresses for party season

If there’s one time of the year to get carried away with your wardrobe, it’s Christmas. In the spirit of the season, it’s not just our homes we decorate with all manner of sparkle. We also make the most of the occasion by adorning our bodies, in plentiful sequins and beads.

For the more demure dressers, there isn’t much on the racks amid the seasonal glitz blitz. This autumn/winter, however, thanks to a softer mood for the season and the Seventies trend still going strong, floor-length dresses offer an unadorned antidote to all that excess,

There’s a tendency to get a bit muddled when it comes to maxi hemlines; either they are associated with the heady days of summer holidays or with more formal, black-tie dress codes. Neither makes for good partying clobber.

A new middle-ground, however, was proposed at the fashion shows back in March; Chloe offered a characteristically bohemian take on the look with billowing chiffon numbers; Lanvin an eclectic selection of multicolour print and lustrous brocade, while Victoria Beckham presented sleek, monochrome variations.

To take on the trend, the first rule is to avoid brights. Citrus palettes should be avoided for their warm weather links; instead invest in autumnal shades of

Change your Look with Different Shoes for Women

Most people love to dress up and even for those who don’t, there is that one night where they pull out all the stops and look their absolute best. But in order to do this, you need some support from your wardrobe. I am sure that you often complain about how you have nothing to wear, but we all know that this is not true. Every one of you has a collection of dresses or cliche clothes, which will make you standout in a crowd, but you don’t like to wear them because, in your own words “I’ve worn this before.”

The key is to accessories, if you combine a dress with different accessories, you will be surprised at how different the final outcome ends up looking. The accessories could be based on a color or a general design. It is important to make sure that the style of the accessories matches the look of the dress and that the two complement each other.

Another thing, which will makes a major difference, is the shoe which you are wearing, to complete the look. Here are some styles of shoes for women you can choose from in order to mix things up.

  • Pumps: This is

Womens Clothing Tips to Look Slimmer

Every woman wants to show off her best features and minimize those not-so-flattering ones. She wants to look slimmer than her actual size. She adopts various techniques to look thinner. A lot of women go on crash diets, while there are others who stick to rigorous workout regimens. But despite their efforts at gym and their crash diets, they are never satisfied with the outcome. They wonder whether they will actually look good in their favorite dress. They spend hours in front of a mirror hoping that it shows a drop in the flab. Well if you are one of those women who are tired of dieting and exercising, here are few tips on how to look make you look thinner

The golden rule to look slimmer is to always wear clothes that suit your body type.

If you want to make your waistline appear thinner, you can choose tunics or dresses that come with a thin belt. You should never wear big belts as they look fat.

You should always emphasize your best features. It keeps away any unwanted attention from the problematic areas of your body and makes you look slimmer.

For women who are heavy on top, darker colored dresses is

How to Get the Designer Look From the High Street

In these recession-dominated times, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up-to-date with all the latest styles and trends. Trying to put together an ensemble that says ‘designer chic’, when your bank account is already suffering from the financial equivalent of diarrhea can be a near impossible task. However, by following just a few basic tips, you can stay up-to-date, and still have enough money left over to stock the fridge.

  1. First and foremost, it’s vital that you put thought into what you buy. Try to avoid making impulse buys, take some time to think about it. Go and grab a cup of coffee, and if after half an hour, you feel certain that the item is for you, then and only then should you go back and buy it. By doing this, you’ll quickly learn to become more discerning in your taste – an essential quality for any shopper to have.
  2. Look after your Clothes. When you’ve bought that perfect pair of jeans or killer jacket, it’s essential that you take proper care of them. Clothes don’t belong in a heap on the floor, so make sure that you hang them up properly if you don’t want them to lose their

Keeping Yourself Warm with Thermal Clothing

Fashion has evolved so much over the years. Clothing has ceased to be more than just a covering for the body, but has grown to be a venue to express one’s personality, individuality, and creativity. A lot of people aims to get clothes not just for practical purposes but also to be fashionable.

Being fashionable doesn’t mean you need to spend on very expensive and high end clothing. There are bargains that can be found in wholesale clothing! Before you turn up your nose at wholesale dresses, remember that seasons change four times a year – you wouldn’t be wearing those clothes year-round. We need to be practical.

For example, winter this year has been very cold and dragging. Some US states have experienced over 40 inches of snow last January alone. The change in weather should not be a hindrance to being fashionable. We should also not sacrifice comfort over fashion. We should find a balance. This is why thermal clothing is essential during the colder months for one to be fashionably dressed and yet still be able to stay warm. So you can say that thermal clothing should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Thermal clothes are something you wear

How to Select the Best Party Shoes for Girls

Finding the perfect shoes to go along with your party outfit is the hardest part of putting the party outfit together. Shoes can either break or make your overall party look regardless of how amazing you look in that fabulous dress, so, you need to choose the right Girls Party Shoes with Heels to rock in. When selecting the party shoes ensure that they give you height, blend in with what you are wearing to make you look good and that you are totally comfortable in them. When selecting the Girls Party Shoes Online, you should also focus on your lower body; the length of your legs from knee down and the shape of your ankles.

Here are tips to ensure you never go wrong when it comes to selecting the right party shoes for girls.


Most girls prefer high heels since they add length to your legs and boost your lower body giving that attractive look. But you need to consider the events lined out for your party. If the party is an all-night event, can you wear the heels all night? If the party involves a lot of walking around and standing can you bear with that in heels? If

How to Shop Well in Los Angeles

While in Los Angeles, what do you think people do? Do they shop for endless hours or go on nightclub-hopping? After all, Los Angeles is famous for two things, awesome shopping malls and scintillating night-life. Los Angeles, or popularly called LA is the capital city of California and it offers numerous scopes of entertainment and sightseeing. From shopping arcades to high-street bars, everything is special about this unique city. Although there are many different attractive activities including beach sports and casinos are there on offer, shopping has its unique charm.

The best shopping mall Los Angeles has the ability to cater your every needs and desires. There are numerous stores; from fashion to accessories, beauty to lingerie, tattoo to acupuncture that will make your shopping a memorable experience altogether. To take the best advantage of the situation, you need to plan your trip efficiently. It is obvious to get confused by the glitz and glamour of the shopping mall in California but if you work out on your needs, it will turn out to be a simple affair.

If your trip to LA is solely meant for shopping, it is better to consult some professionals or just simply go to a mall

The Internet For Boys Clothing

When it comes to Boys Clothing, there are some wonderful finds, right here on the Internet. The Internet has long been known as the best source to shop, and this year is no different, with the exception that there are many more vendors online and the parent has a wonderful variety of online storefronts to shop. For many parents it would be quite difficult to keep the child up with the current trends if it were not for the Internet.

The trends in today’s styles include many different types of clothing, which includes Christian Clothing. Boys clothing is often much more difficult to shop for because, unlike girl clothing that most often is attractive to both parents, the clothing that boys like, such as, the cross bones and skulls are not always a style that parents are comfortable with. This is a great benefit of the Christian clothing, as it is not only appropriate, it is stylish and comfortable and many young children enjoy leaning towards the Christian clothing when it comes to their wardrobe.

Boys Clothing Tips

Online is a great place to find both casual and classical boys clothing. Oxford shirts, sweaters and vests are all popular choices for boys, just

Great Dresses for Prom

Prom is a rite of passage. You’ll always remember who your date was, what friends you shared a limo with, where you ate dinner before the party and — of course — what you wore. There aren’t a whole lot of reasons to get dolled up like a celebrity on the red carpet when you’re a teenager — and even when you’re an adult, for that matter — so seize the moment and choose a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks!

The fishtail hem can go one of two ways: a mermaid hem or a high-low hem. You’ve probably seen mermaid hems (aka trumpet hems) on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. These dresses usually hug the wearer’s curves all the way down to the knee, and then flare out — like a mermaid’s tail. A mermaid style dress is typically a full-length gown.

The high-low hem, also called a fishtail hem, is shorter in the front and longer in the back. The asymmetrical hemline may flare out from the waist or the knee. These dresses can be long or short. Your choice!

While satin and tulle are certainly still popular prom dress materials, you can get away with

How to Find the Best Mens Shoes

With fashion changing every moment, one of the old myths about men only requiring one pair of shoes has been completely broken. From casual to professional, corporate to trendy wear – there are so many different options to choose when it comes to footwear.

Loake shoes

The full range of Loake shoes for sale. Brogues, Oxfords, Loafers -Goodyear welted footwear from one of England’s best known men’s shoe brands.

Shoes have now become one of the most integral parts of every man’s life. It’s very important to choose the right size and style so that you are comfortable with your footwear. Not only will it be uncomfortable for you if you choose the wrong size, but it can also have a negative impact on the person’s foot.

Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when looking for men’s footwear:

Look For Designer Shoes

There are various designer products available for men, and you can definitely get confused at the many styles, patterns, colours and materials. Of course, designer shoes are a little costly; but they are very comfortable. Furthermore, you can get a lot of variety when looking for designer shoes.

While you are looking for Loake, it’s very important to consider

3 Tips in Buying Clothes for Kids

One of the most challenging things when it comes to buying gifts is buying baby clothes. There are lots of assumptions and estimations for such clothing. Picking the right and perfect kids clothing is not easy, especially when considering several factors like weather, comfort and quality. Before setting out to boutiques and stores, take note of these tips in buying stuff for baby or kids:

Choose clothes for future use

Think ahead. Pick clothes that can be used by the child when he/she grows up. Children grow up fast nowadays. Those cute little pair of pajamas wouldn’t fit the child when he reaches 2 to 3 years old. When thinking of the best gift for a baby shower or kid’s party, it’s important to think of what the child can still use in his/her toddler years. Season and future activities can also be factors. Choose clothes that can be used for summer, winter or even for sports and recreation.

Keep in mind the child’s current size

Always keep in mind the current size of the child in buying clothes for kids. There’s no way to get the child fit the clothes so assumptions and estimations are very important when picking clothes for gift. It

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Plus Size Steampunk Clothing

In a world of modernity, infinite changes and a host of stereotypes, where do the plus size women fit in? Lane Bryant has the answer. The brand started in 1904, focused on plus size clothing by Lane Bryant, whose name being misspelled on a bank application form paved the wayfor plus size clothing. Later came the plus size Steampunk clothing style for people who won’t compromise on style for any reason. This clothing style represents the aesthetics of a steam-powered society, integrated with the look of classic Victorian England and the American West.

Steampunk clothing can be formal or informal, fantastic or practical. Most attire of this sub-culture includes a set of goggles or other elementsof fictional origins. One major aspect of the Steampunk genre is its ever evolving aesthetics and inclusion of neo-modern ideas. The basic ideology behind crafting plus size Steampunk clothing is to showcase the body in a grand and spectacular way. You might assume that buying your first plus size Steampunk clothing will be expensive and tiresome, but the truth is that you can have a enjoyable shopping experience if you follow few simple guidelines.

Tips on Buying Plus Size Steampunk Clothing

Eden Miller didn’t have really think of

Buy Ladies Leather Boots Online To Get A Chic Look

As far as fashion is concerned, women are far ahead and particular about it, as compared to men. They are highly keen about the fact that fashion accessories can make them more embellished and the truth is that almighty itself regards the feminine beauty as unborn and immortal on a planet which is simply incomparable. Modern day lady is a fashion specific creature who very well understands the impact of fashion stuff accessories on her body. Hence, a surging demand for women’s fashion stuff in the market has been realized. Leather boots are one such accessory that can be altered every now and then to make you more dynamic in the era of fashion.


For many women, their wardrobe is not complete unless they have a pair or two of good quality fashionable boots. Leather boots are one thing that never goes out of the fashion. They are stylish, comfortable, chic and modish. Boots can be dressy, casual, or functional. By simply changing one’s boots, an outfit can be dressed up or dressed down as the occasion requires. Leather ones resemble the attitude of a modern and professional lady. Nowadays, there are immense brands have come

My Fashion Style at Work and Play

My fashion styles at work and play are two completely unique modes of expression. They are unique in comparison to each other, but also as styles within themselves.  The thing that makes my fashion style different from others is that to me, fashion is synonymous with comfort.  Comfort in my book doesn’t necessarily mean to be comfortable in the literal sense, although I won’t wear painful sky-high heels just because they look good either; it mostly means confidence.  I will wear anything that I feel both comfortable and confident in.  In this sense, “comfort” is the basis of my wardrobe, both at work and at play.

The way I dress at work and the way I dress at play have their similarities and their differences.  Naturally, I dress more conservatively at work, with darker hues and sturdier fabrics.  Whereas on my own time, I tend to don brighter colors and lighter, more billowy fabrics.  Sometimes, my work clothes will intermingle with my play clothes and vice versa, but not very often.  This only tends to happen if I have run out of things to wear or if an accessory – a necklace or a pair of shoes, for instance – is

4 Looks for When Its Time to Hit the Books

Planning your daily outfit is difficult enough, but when you pair that with the upcoming semester, it gets even harder. Juggling the books and good looks is not as easy as it seems.

Here are four budget-friendly outfit ideas to help you find the balance between the two:

1. Back to Business

Products: Jeans, Top, Flats, Blazer, Bag

This would be my go-to look for the fall semester. Let your professors know you mean business and are serious about your academics. Don’t let your grades slip by taking an hour to come up with an outfit idea– you’re wasting precious study time!

Simply pull a white blazer out of your closet and pair it with high-waisted flared jeans. Add a ribbed crop top and a black satchel. For a splash of color, put on a pair of red pointed-toe flats. The resulting outfit is a chic yet modern take on ’90s style.

2. Schoolgirl Cool

Products: Sweater, Shoes, Bag, Skirt

Many of us are familiar with the schoolgirl look. Give it a twist by trading your plaid mini-skirt for an edgy faux leather one. Keep warm in a bright yellow knit sweater, then add autumn tones with bark brown oxfords. Finish the look off with a white crochet

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